Alyla Suzuki Center

Suzuki Early Childhood Education

Talent Education, or the Mother tongue method, of learning music as a language is the Suzuki approach. This natural method is a 0-3 year process of learning through the joy of music.

Engaging for both child and parent. Parents partner with teachers to create the best interactive learning environment for their child. Teachers focus on thorough mastery of skills, instilling early habits of rhythm, tempo, and pace, through purposeful repetition. SECE teachers hold the belief that our earliest learning experiences are among the most important and are an essential foundation for all later learning. Mixed age group classes teach children how to learn and grow to be leaders in a calm, respectful environment. Classes are kept small to create the perfect environment for children to learn how to learn.

Join us any Wednesday for a free trial class!
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33 Center Road
Woodbridge, CT 06525

Children 6 month and under attend free!! Tuition assistance programs are available for each semester.

To register please call 203.239.6026 or complete the registration form and email it to


Researchers have found that repeated participation in music, and interaction in a musical environment, impacts the brain in ways that no other activity does.  Check out our SECE Research to read case studies and further research.

It’s never too early to start building a positive foundation for learning!  Expectant mothers also welcome, because music exposure starts even in the womb. 

Feel free to check out one free class and see what we’re about. Children under the age of 6 months are free!

The Alyla Suzuki Early Childhood Music School of Greater New Haven County holds classes in Woodbridge, CT.

In recent years there have been many studies presenting increasingly compelling evidence that an environment rich in stimulation-and in particular, one that is rich in music actually creates connections in the brains of babies and very young children. These connections significantly improve their ability to function in a variety of learning areas later in life.

Although our class is set up for the newborn, and infant stages through age three- it is also an early intervention program for children with speech delays, special needs children and those found to be on the autism spectrum. Because of the emphasis on language acquisition, parents of adopted children find this class to be a wonderful tool for children from other countries who need to acclimate to a new language. A wonderful class for Home School families and a perfect partner class for the Montessori student.

Alyla Suzuki Early Childhood Music was founded in 2006. One of the first programs in the United States and the pilot program for Ct and the northeast.