Alyla Suzuki Center


September 9, 2011

I was truley touched by a letter I received from one of our Early Childhood moms today so decided to share on my blog:

 Anya and I first experienced Alyla's Suzuki Early Childhood music class in 2008 when Anya was around 8 months old. We have been taking the class since then and it's been an instrument in integrating music into our lives. It has helped Anya developmentally and socially, and has taught her everyday skills like turn taking, sharing, listening, focusing and has been a great tool in preparing her for kindergarten and beyond. The interactive  part of the class has facilitated her language learning skills. She has learnt to count in Spanish, Tamil and Japanese. The activities have helped enhance her gross motor and fine motor skills. She has developed a great sense of rhythm and tempo. Children and parents are encouraged to work together at home, on a new set of lyrics each week, for the rhyme  "Rain rain go away". The following week in class, the children get to play the song on the xylophone and sing their newly composed piece. This has always been a fun part of the class for us. Anya now takes pride in composing her own songs and rhymes. The Suzuki method of learning has helped Anya develop an appreciation for music and has nurtured her love for playing musical instruments. Kudos to Ms. Lynn and Ms. Laura, wonderful teachers, exceptionally skilled in the Suzuki method. They have been a great source of encouragement to us and their passion and energy is infectious. They truly help bring out the best in every child. As a Suzuki parent and a musician I believe that this class holds true to Suzuki's quote "Where love is deep, much can be accomplished."

Lynn McCall