Alyla Suzuki Center


November 30, 2011

Celebrate the small steps. - S. Suzuki

Class this week was a great demonstration of celebrating each and every step the children make.   It seemed as though the excitement bug had bitten everyone in class! We couldn’t get enough of Baby Michael paying attention and participating all class long! Kieran played the lollipop drum for a longer time than he ever had before and Becca introduced us all to a new move of thumping the floor when the low note on the xylophone was repeatedly played. It was great to see the innovation and energy all the children exhibited this class.

Esther joined us today for the first time, following in the footsteps of her older siblings. It was fun to see a new face lighting up with delight over hitting the wood block and quacking like a duck! Kate showed her first signs of becoming a leader in class when she enthusiastically demonstrated to Esther and all of us what lively clapping to the muffin man really looks like. Amanda got in on the act of welcoming Esther when she let her sit on her lap during story time. It’s amazing to see the community that’s been created in class not just by the adults but by the children as well. Each of these small steps that are celebrated in class helps to build the children’s confidence and ability. Class this week was a great way to see this coming true!

Lynn McCall