Alyla Suzuki Center


November 2, 2011

Music exists for the purpose of growing an admirable heart. - S. Suzuki

Beautiful hearts were certainly present at class last week. The middle of the fall semester found our children gleefully singing, clapping and keeping the beat! We had a few extra children join us last week as schools were still closed due to the snow storm. It was wonderful to hear Alessandro sing his heart out as we practiced Wee Willie Winkie for our fall recital. His joy for music always makes us smile. Kate’s big brother and sister brought out Kate’s rhythmic side and she did a great job going around the Mulberry bush! Kate has been through quite a transformation as just a few weeks ago it was tough to coax her into the circle. She is now eagerly participating and clearly proud of herself when she beats a steady beat on the lollipop drum! Our older children, Jorge, Amanda and Kieran, did a great job counting out loud today. It seems that the Suzuki method is giving each of them the confidence to hear their voices out loud and make their own unique contributions to class. Each child has been given the time and space they need to naturally enjoy class. Baby Michael has had a sudden surge of energy in class and has been gently redirected so he can positively return to quacking like a duck and swinging brightly colored scarves around the circle. Being in such a joyful space each week allows us parents and caregivers to experience what a lifetime of music may provide our children. They are becoming not only adept at skills but they are becoming big hearted, blissful people.

Lynn McCall