Alyla Suzuki Center


November 16, 2011

Knowledge does not create ability – Knowledge plus 10,000 repetitions creates ability. -  S. Suzuki

 There is no better evidence of repetition creating ability than sitting in on class this week. How fun to hear the children beginning to sing in class with confidence and enthusiasm! The little voices that accompany our own are truly what make ECE class so special. It is a process of repetition and building confidence that creates a space for children who are only two, like Amanda and Kieran, to sing the songs they know by heart. It allows baby Michael to join in and roll the ball on his own to great applause! The anticipation and self-assurance that repetition brings is one of the first steps to learning. The children in class will know that practice will give them the ability to master an activity of their choosing and doing things like homework will make more sense to them.

 Beginning an ECE class means hearing songs you think you’d long forgotten over and over again. Class repeats songs and movements each week and a CD accompanies class that repeats those same songs. Jorge and Kate are such wonderful examples of how this method really does create ability. As our newest members it has been so exciting to see their abilities grow literally every week!

 As a celebration of their growing confidence and mastery of skills the children will be participating in the Fall Recital this weekend! It’s such a great time to see the little ones dressed up and in front of their very first audiences. The recital signifies to the children the importance of their participation in class and gives them a moment to be in the spotlight.   It’s a very special day!

Lynn McCall