Alyla Suzuki Center


February 8, 2012

What an amazing start to the spring semester!   Every child in class was full of energy and enthusiasm. It was great to see the growth in each child that occurred in the few weeks we were on break, they had all obviously still been exposed to the musical goodness of Suzuki!

Amanda’s little brother joined us and, as always, it was so fun to see a new student’s wonder at the sounds and movements in class. He is certainly taking after his big sister with her genuine enthusiasm and love of music. Baby Michael (who we really need to stop referring to as a baby!) was just amazing as he counted duckies out loud one through six! He’s such a lively soul and really shows the power of the ECE class. Rebecca was overheard counting in Spanish (!) and Kieran displayed his love of the lollipop drum one more time.

Anyone interested in trying out a class please come and join us, you will be so glad you did. The ECE class is an encouraging and supportive environment that will make a difference in your child’s life. The children in class have grown musically, socially and academically all while having a wonderful time!

Lynn McCall