Alyla Suzuki Center


February 8, 2012

What an amazing start to the spring semester!   Every child in class was full of energy and enthusiasm. It was great to see the growth in each child that occurred in the few weeks we were on break, they had all obviously still been exposed to the musical goodness of Suzuki!

Amanda’s little brother joined us and, as always, it was so fun to see a new student’s wonder at the sounds and movements in class. He is certainly taking after his big sister with her genuine enthusiasm and love of music. Baby Michael (who we really need to stop referring to as a baby!) was just amazing as he counted duckies out loud one through six! He’s such a lively soul and really shows the power of the ECE class. Rebecca was overheard counting in Spanish (!) and Kieran displayed his love of the lollipop drum one more time.

Anyone interested in trying out a class please come and join us, you will be so glad you did. The ECE class is an encouraging and supportive environment that will make a difference in your child’s life. The children in class have grown musically, socially and academically all while having a wonderful time!

Lynn McCall
November 30, 2011

Celebrate the small steps. - S. Suzuki

Class this week was a great demonstration of celebrating each and every step the children make.   It seemed as though the excitement bug had bitten everyone in class! We couldn’t get enough of Baby Michael paying attention and participating all class long! Kieran played the lollipop drum for a longer time than he ever had before and Becca introduced us all to a new move of thumping the floor when the low note on the xylophone was repeatedly played. It was great to see the innovation and energy all the children exhibited this class.

Esther joined us today for the first time, following in the footsteps of her older siblings. It was fun to see a new face lighting up with delight over hitting the wood block and quacking like a duck! Kate showed her first signs of becoming a leader in class when she enthusiastically demonstrated to Esther and all of us what lively clapping to the muffin man really looks like. Amanda got in on the act of welcoming Esther when she let her sit on her lap during story time. It’s amazing to see the community that’s been created in class not just by the adults but by the children as well. Each of these small steps that are celebrated in class helps to build the children’s confidence and ability. Class this week was a great way to see this coming true!

Lynn McCall
November 16, 2011

Knowledge does not create ability – Knowledge plus 10,000 repetitions creates ability. -  S. Suzuki

 There is no better evidence of repetition creating ability than sitting in on class this week. How fun to hear the children beginning to sing in class with confidence and enthusiasm! The little voices that accompany our own are truly what make ECE class so special. It is a process of repetition and building confidence that creates a space for children who are only two, like Amanda and Kieran, to sing the songs they know by heart. It allows baby Michael to join in and roll the ball on his own to great applause! The anticipation and self-assurance that repetition brings is one of the first steps to learning. The children in class will know that practice will give them the ability to master an activity of their choosing and doing things like homework will make more sense to them.

 Beginning an ECE class means hearing songs you think you’d long forgotten over and over again. Class repeats songs and movements each week and a CD accompanies class that repeats those same songs. Jorge and Kate are such wonderful examples of how this method really does create ability. As our newest members it has been so exciting to see their abilities grow literally every week!

 As a celebration of their growing confidence and mastery of skills the children will be participating in the Fall Recital this weekend! It’s such a great time to see the little ones dressed up and in front of their very first audiences. The recital signifies to the children the importance of their participation in class and gives them a moment to be in the spotlight.   It’s a very special day!

Lynn McCall
November 2, 2011

Music exists for the purpose of growing an admirable heart. - S. Suzuki

Beautiful hearts were certainly present at class last week. The middle of the fall semester found our children gleefully singing, clapping and keeping the beat! We had a few extra children join us last week as schools were still closed due to the snow storm. It was wonderful to hear Alessandro sing his heart out as we practiced Wee Willie Winkie for our fall recital. His joy for music always makes us smile. Kate’s big brother and sister brought out Kate’s rhythmic side and she did a great job going around the Mulberry bush! Kate has been through quite a transformation as just a few weeks ago it was tough to coax her into the circle. She is now eagerly participating and clearly proud of herself when she beats a steady beat on the lollipop drum! Our older children, Jorge, Amanda and Kieran, did a great job counting out loud today. It seems that the Suzuki method is giving each of them the confidence to hear their voices out loud and make their own unique contributions to class. Each child has been given the time and space they need to naturally enjoy class. Baby Michael has had a sudden surge of energy in class and has been gently redirected so he can positively return to quacking like a duck and swinging brightly colored scarves around the circle. Being in such a joyful space each week allows us parents and caregivers to experience what a lifetime of music may provide our children. They are becoming not only adept at skills but they are becoming big hearted, blissful people.

Lynn McCall
October 19, 2011

Today in class we focused on one of the Suzuki Early Childhood Concepts "Children Learn from One Another".  Dorothy Jones says  "In the Suzuki Early Childhood Education class "Taking Turns" develops independence and allows the child to learn patience. The many opportunities for observation of other children "Doing" reinforces skill development"

Lynn McCall
September 16, 2011

We held an Open House for our school on Wednesday. So glad to welcome our new students. Also so happy for our returning students!  This class is so unique in it's approach to Early Childhood education. Right on top of the most current research in brain development. Our students develop an amazing vocabulary,early math skills, social, emotional development- all skills necessary for a successful kindergarten experience. I received  a testimonial from another one of our parents which I would like to post:

My 17 month old son Michael LOVES this class! He started at only 3 months old and has learned so much in a short time! I incorporate the principals of the class (repetition, structure, consistency) into his life at home. Friends and family are amazed at Michael's ability to focus at such an early age. He has developed great social skills which I also attribute to the class. I am a big Suzuki fan and I encourage other parent's to try it out!! You won't be disappointed!

Lynn McCall
September 9, 2011

I was truley touched by a letter I received from one of our Early Childhood moms today so decided to share on my blog:

 Anya and I first experienced Alyla's Suzuki Early Childhood music class in 2008 when Anya was around 8 months old. We have been taking the class since then and it's been an instrument in integrating music into our lives. It has helped Anya developmentally and socially, and has taught her everyday skills like turn taking, sharing, listening, focusing and has been a great tool in preparing her for kindergarten and beyond. The interactive  part of the class has facilitated her language learning skills. She has learnt to count in Spanish, Tamil and Japanese. The activities have helped enhance her gross motor and fine motor skills. She has developed a great sense of rhythm and tempo. Children and parents are encouraged to work together at home, on a new set of lyrics each week, for the rhyme  "Rain rain go away". The following week in class, the children get to play the song on the xylophone and sing their newly composed piece. This has always been a fun part of the class for us. Anya now takes pride in composing her own songs and rhymes. The Suzuki method of learning has helped Anya develop an appreciation for music and has nurtured her love for playing musical instruments. Kudos to Ms. Lynn and Ms. Laura, wonderful teachers, exceptionally skilled in the Suzuki method. They have been a great source of encouragement to us and their passion and energy is infectious. They truly help bring out the best in every child. As a Suzuki parent and a musician I believe that this class holds true to Suzuki's quote "Where love is deep, much can be accomplished."

Lynn McCall
August 24, 2011

This is the beginning of a blog, where children matter, quality of education is imperative, and a place where those who understand fully and those who are new to the Suzuki Early Childhood approach to learning can share their thoughts, opinions and stories of success. We hope to provide you with valuable information to help you understand that music is a very powerful tool for early brain development and for all foundational learning.

Lynn McCall